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About CCIE LAB Certifications

SPOTO offers Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab, CCIE Wireless LAB, CCIE Collaboration LAB, CCIE Data Center LAB, CCIE Security LAB, CCIE Service Provider LAB exam answers and questions. SPOTO is the leader in supplying IT Certification candidates with 100% real and up-to-date Cisco exam dumps. All SPOTO Cisco CCIE Lab questions and answers are constantly being revised and updated for relevance and accuracy by real Cisco-certified professionals. Hurry to contact us!


CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert) is Cisco's most prestigious certification. It is also one of the most difficult, ranking first in the list of 10 most difficult IT certifications. Those who win the CCIE are generally regarded as the best in the field of network engineering. CCIE certificate holders prove that they have mastered a specific area of Cisco networks. The new CCIE certification includes: CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, CCIE Enterprise Wireless, CCIE Data Center, CCIE Security, CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Collaboration.


In order to obtain CCIE certification, you need to pass a written exam and a lab exam. Although technically there are no prerequisites for CCIE, a written test can be used as a way to verify your skills. Passing this operation will make you eligible to take the laboratory exam. The new CCIE Lab is still an 8-hour exam designed to verify your skills. Therefore, it is best to have several years of practical work experience before trying to use the new CCIE.


The history of the CCIE lab exam


Before February 24, 2020, there are seven expert certification programs to choose from.

  • CCIE routing and switching
  • CCIE wireless
  • CCIE Service Provider
  • CCIE security
  • CCIE Data Center
  • CCIE cooperation
  • CCDE (Cisco Certified Design Expert)

The most notable aspect of Cisco's reform is the lack of CCIE routing and switching. This certificate will be replaced by the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certificate. CCIE Wireless will be replaced by CCIE Enterprise Wireless, while CCDE will remain unchanged for the time being.


Why obtain CCIE certification?


Extensive knowledge base


The most important benefit of the CCIE exam is the certified knowledge base. The certificate aims to expand the knowledge level of candidates. Over the years, the outstanding reputation of CCIE engineers has left a deep impression on people, that is, they have extensive technical experience and a vivid understanding of network technology and concepts. The benefits of CCIE-certified experts are always first-class, and have more advantages than other professionals in the IT industry.


It pays high-end salaries


The most basic and obvious answer is that CCIE certification is entitled to high-paying and high-paying jobs. In most cases, this is the basic ultimate goal of the user. I'm sure that the reason you put your time, energy, energy and money into this course is because it can bring you fruitful results. The end of these results is certainly high-paying and reputable job opportunities. Well, after you get CCIE certification in your resume, getting a job is like getting up and running.


The demand for CCIE is growing day by day


The demand for CCIE engineers is increasing day by day. According to a 2017 survey, the total number of CCIEs required by the entire industry worldwide is approximately 300,000. As of 2020, the number of CCIE engineers in the world today is not so much. With only 38,005 CCIEs worldwide, the gap between supply and demand is obvious. This clearly proves that the demand for CCIE engineers is growing every day and is expected to grow in the future.


How to pass the CCIE laboratory exam with SPOTO?


Every year, millions of online aspirants sign up for the purpose of becoming CCIE certified experts, but many take a step back halfway. There is no doubt that the journey of becoming a CCIE certified professional also requires a lot of dedication, commitment and money. However, in addition to these three areas, you must also move in the right direction to succeed. Millions of Cisco suitors lack the right direction and therefore cannot achieve their goals. Together with SPOTO, we have an excellent IT training organization for 18 years.


We provide real and latest CCIE lab study materials


To prepare for the new CCIE Lab exam, it is very important to keep the latest Cisco official courses and the latest practical manuals. The CCIE syllabus is upgraded with the advancement of technology, so it is very important to understand the latest developments in the field of networking. SPOTO provides CCIE laboratory dump, which includes 100% real workbooks and solutions. In addition, we have the latest topology to keep up with the latest advances in cisco technology.


We provide a complete practice rack


You need to have hands-on skills and the ability to quickly clear the CCIE laboratory exam. The practice environment is very important for your CCIE laboratory preparation. Building the rack yourself is expensive and difficult. SPOTO provides the latest rack hardware to fully support actual laboratory exam preparation. Unlike the written test, the CCIE laboratory test requires more practical skills, so it can help you practice more and experience the real laboratory test environment in the absence of practice.


We provide the largest customer service and technical support


SPOTO supports 7/24 online customer service. Our customer service will send you the materials and study plan as quickly as possible. We provide tutorial videos for you to know more about how to use the materials. Besides, whenever you meet problems during study, our professional teachers will give technical support to solve your queries.


More info about new CCIE Lab Exam


This 8-hour hands-on lab exam covers the end-to-end life cycle of complex data center networks, from designing and deploying to operating and optimizing.


  • Exam cost: $1600
  • Exam duration: 8 hours
  • Validity Period: 3 years


What’s the new CCIE Lab exam format?


Module 1: Design


  • Format:  Scenario based
  • Backward Navigation: Disabled
  • Point Values: Not Shown
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Type: Read the documentation/logs (email threads, design documents, customer requirements and restrictions, …) & answer the questions (no CLI/Console access)
  • Question Types: Drag & Drop, MCQ’s, Dropdowns, …


Module 2: Deploy, Operate and Optimize


  • Format: Hands-on OR Web-based
  • Backward Navigation: Enabled
  • Point Values: Shown
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Type: Configure, Troubleshoot, Monitor, Reduce Costs as per scenario requirements
  • Question Types: CLI/GUI Configuration, Monitoring, …




1. What’s your lab service?

Latest workbook and solution, all materials are same as exam, you will face it come from our materials when you take exam; We provide lab rack to practice, the rack include IOS,init configuration and so on; We will offer the series of CCIE Lab tutorial videos that introduce the workbook and solutions. You will study the details how to configure one section by one section; Our CCIE tutors will support you online 7/24 to help you solve any problems after you order our package


2. How soon can I receive the learning materials?

Within 8 hours after verifying the payment.


3. How long is my lab service?

We offer 3-month standard service duration.


4. Is the environment same as the real lab exam?

Yes. Our rack environment is the same as the real lab exam environment.


5. How many remote rack hours are included in SPOTO CCIE Lab Package?

We offer up to 100 hours within your service period. You can purchase additional hours at $300 per 40 hours within your service period. Please contact our tutor for extension.


6. How can I use the workbooks and solutions?

All workbooks and solutions are encrypted documents and only one PC is allowed to open it. We will offer guidance to explain how to open the workbook and solution.


7. What to do if the exam becomes unstable?

We ensure that you will receive the latest information and materials as soon as you hear of any changes to the exam. If we learn of any major changes during your service, your remaining service period will start from the day we learn that the exam has stabilized again.


8. What if I fail the exam on the first attempt?

If you fail the first LAB attempt within our standard 3 months, we will extend it for 1 month for free, provided that you send us proof of the first failure, such as a screenshot of the result with your full name. Please note that if we do not receive your free notice of extension request, we will stop all services 3 days after the test date. After you pass the exam within 5 months, we will stop providing services.


9. If there are any questions or questions, how can I contact you?

We strongly recommend that you add the teacher's WhatsApp: +86 152 5915 2519, so that we can follow up your progress and help you if you encounter any problems. You can also send an email to our tutor to If you encounter any problems or difficulties during the exercise, our counselors will help you solve the problems through teamwork.


10. Can a third party see customer information from your website?

No, they can't. SPOTO respects the privacy of every customer. Our system is completely secure, and we do not share any information with third parties.

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